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February 2017

Turntable Tuesday: Record of the Week Nirvana – Nevermind

If any rock genre could be defined as the 90’s sound, it’s grunge. Nihilistic, counter-cultural and effortlessly cool. Grunge was the new Punk, and it took America by storm.   Many Bands make up the Grunge genre, but no one... Continue Reading →


Bit Dungeon II review – Legend of Zelda meets Derp Souls

Picture this – the world has become corrupted, overrun by evil monsters that serve a higher, more cruel, power. Within this world is a single hero, undead, and quite angry at having lost their only lover. Having had enough this... Continue Reading →

Siege Wars review – Just a little off its target

Angry Birds currently sits as one of the best-selling mobile video games of all time, so it’s only reasonable to assume that there’s money to still be made out of flinging objects at structures in order to get points. There... Continue Reading →

Turntable Tuesday: Record of the Week The Clash – London Calling

In many ways, 1979 was the last hurrah for the Punk rock revolution, the Sex Pistols had imploded, and Sid Vicious was dead. Post-Punk was quickly becoming the new music movement to get behind with last weeks record Unknown Pleasures... Continue Reading →

A Timeline of Indie: 20 Moments that Made a Movement

Indie. From Punk to Britpop, it has had many different looks and images, but one thing is the same; a strong sense of individuality, counter-culture, and independence. It is a movement that bought us The Smiths, New Order and Oasis... Continue Reading →

Reveal the Deep review – Unda da’ sea, evil creeps around…

Because around ninety-five percent of our ocean’s depths remain unexplored – a deep sea setting in any game draws out distinctly horrifying themes to exploit. The fear of the unknown, or something impossibly large are two of the many that... Continue Reading →

Darkest Dungeon’s 1st birthday!

On the 19th of January, 2016, Red Hook’s turn-based roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon, was officially released to the world. And the world loved it. With praise flooding from all corners of the internet, the past year has only seen the... Continue Reading →

Turntable Tuesdays Record of the Week: Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures

Words can barely describe this record, it is both of its time and timeless, a testament to the unique power of words. I remember the first time I listened to Joy Division, merely out of curiosity, I was hooked in... Continue Reading →

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