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March 2017

Montaro review – Dogs, underwear & bad choices

Typing ‘doge’ into any internet search engine will likely net millions of results, mostly comprised of shibas. Shibas are a Japanese breed of dog with distinctly curly tails and golden fur. For some reason the internet loves them. This love... Continue Reading →


The 20/20 Rundown #2

For week 2 of our countdown of the IMDB top twenties we head to feudal Japan to review the 1954 classic seven samurai. Unlike last week where I was already a hugely biased Star Wars fan I had never seen... Continue Reading →

Jesus and Mary Chain – Damage and Joy Review: Scotland’s Noise-Rock Boys are Back but Should they be?

The Jesus and Mary Chain are back with their first full-length LP since 1998. Once considered a major player in the booming Independent music scene of the 1980s, as well as Alan McGee’s Creation Records. The Mary Chain’s last output,... Continue Reading →

The 20/20 Rundown #1

IMDB houses information on almost every film in existence, therefore only a select few make it the famed top 250 list. As Great as I’m sure the whole top 250 are that I have not seen, I have decided to... Continue Reading →

A Brief History of the Rock Opera: 10 Influential Concept Albums

 The Rock Opera is the holy grail for any big rock band. It is a difficult feat which requires a lot more preparation and creativity than a regular LP. Some have gone on to define rock music, breaking out of... Continue Reading →

10 Great Artists Who Pioneered a Genre

From Punk to Folk, Blues to Gangster Rap, popular music is a tree with many distinct branches. It takes a special artist to define a genre of music and make it theirs, and today we're going to celebrate those artists... Continue Reading →

ORCS review – Less green, less mean than you’d expect

First made real by the imaginings of the legendary J.R.R Tolkien, Google classes ‘orcs’ as an ‘ugly, warlike race’. This blatant racial discrimination is likely to be the root of why they’re so bent on warmongering, but that’s a socio-political... Continue Reading →

Shower With Your Dad Simulator: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad? review – Too punny for you to handle

Apart from being the winner of the “game with the longest title” award, Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 (hereby abbreviated to SWYDS for future use) is a fast-paced mini-game game that addresses the eternal question that needs answering. Do... Continue Reading →

5 Great Music Documentaries you Can Watch on Netflix Right Now

While Netflix is more well-known for its television and film libraries, it has a rich supply of great documentaries available at the click of a button; from reality trash to the ground-breaking Making a Murderer, there’s something for everyone. However,... Continue Reading →

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