Apart from being the winner of the “game with the longest title” award, Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 (hereby abbreviated to SWYDS for future use) is a fast-paced mini-game game that addresses the eternal question that needs answering. Do you still shower with your Dad? Assuming you’re old enough to read this, and you’re not in nappies, it’s safe to say that you likely don’t. That philosophical quandary out of the way, lets focus on the game itself.

It’s a self-aware, 8 bit beast of a game that knows full well just how daft it is. The first achievement you earn even congratulates you for having this in your steam library. Past this however, and past funky menu music, the options for play before slightly more simplistic. SWYDS is broken down into Eurodad, Dadathlon, Dad Divisions, and Dad With The Iron Shower. Every mode is designed to be a frantic, yet smart, dash to grabbing the right Dad to shower with.

In Eurodad you, as the child, must quickly walk across the wetted shower room floor without bumping into someone else’s Dad. At the start it’s relatively simplistic, getting your selected child across the floor. However once the points start to rack up, wet floor signs, puddles, razors, and other perils appear on the floor. Some of the perils are naturally worse than others. Puddles are especially nasty because they send you careening around the room without control.


Dadathlon is arguably the best mode SWYDS has to offer. Once again you’re matching yourself with your naked Dad, but this time there’s a tricky difference: after a certain number of Dads, they get covered as soon as they spawn. This means you’ve got to have exceptional reflexes to be able to get to your Dad even when there’s a shower curtain in the way. Dad Divisions is all about catching the correct Dad using the right child as they fall from the shower room ceiling. As you manage to catch more Dads, the more Dads rain upon your tiny, unsuspecting head.

One of the main downfalls of this game, without the inclusion of the awful Dad jokes, is the lack of modes. While the three given are great, it would be nice to perhaps take community suggestions on introducing another, new mode.

Since everything is points driven in SWYDS, there’s only the high score, and how to get there. Beyond that there’s very little to do in this game. That being said, what you can do is incredibly fun, and highly time consuming if you decide to try reach for the higher scores that net you more rewards in the long run. A brazen, self-aware simulator with no qualms about peninses, or coherent storylines.

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad? – 86/100

Written by Matt Dawson

Developer – marbenx
Publisher – marbenx
Genre – Action, Indie, Simulation, Hardcore
Release date – 2nd September 2015
Website – http://www.marbenx.com