IMDB houses information on almost every film in existence, therefore only a select few make it the famed top 250 list. As Great as I’m sure the whole top 250 are that I have not seen, I have decided to stick to reviewing the top 20. As enjoyable an experience watching the top 20 films of all time will be I am also subjecting myself to watching the worst 20 films of all time to see if they are as mind numbingly bad as their reputation. We kick things off in week 1 with Star Wars: A New Hope and Arthur and Ben.

Star Wars Episode 4 a new hope is up there as one of the most important films to multiple generations meaning it’s no surprise to see it in the IMDB top 20. Since its release in 1977 it has been beloved by Fans and has been handed down from generation to generation as a must watch, I can think of no other film released forty years ago that still holds the same level of esteem. The classic story of the rebels fighting the empire has expanded into a billion-dollar franchise.

I’m not sure how much more can be said about this Film that hasn’t been said already, yet I will try to review it. The idea behind Star Wars is simplistic in nature the battle of good versus of evil but its execution is what really sets the film apart. We are introduced to arguably the Greatest Villain in Cinematic history the moment Darth Vader sets foot on screen, his armour and the voice of James Earl Jones have been immortalised since then. The imagery used for the empire fits the film perfectly identical faceless soldiers hell-bent on crushing any kind of resistance.

 The rebellion fit the underdog role brilliantly to they are shown as being somewhat disorganised group of different species with ne unifying purpose. The main cast have to be commended for the performances in the film, the Late Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford both steal the show in their respective roles. Along with arguably one of the greatest film scores ever by legendary composer John Williams not enough can be said.

My Criticisms of a New Hope are few and far between and I can only really comment on what is Star Wars biggest criticism usually its poor dialogue, a fair point as at times it feels forced and that the story is being force fed to us.

Despite mild criticisms I would not think twice about considering a New Hope one of the best films ever made and one of my personal favourites.

IMDB rating=8.7 My rating=9.5

Which brings us to the 20th worst film of all time according to IMDB Ben and Arthur. The first thing you notice is the awful production value, Seriously I feel like I’m watching a YouTube Movie rather than a professionally made film. The acting is appalling and in no way aided by the garbage script. The plot if you call it that is oddly convoluted and bizarre, especially considering there was potential from the original idea of two gay men avoiding persecution.

 The complete lack of care in this movie is mind blowing as there is essays worth of mistakes made, the disappearing gunshot wounds being the most egregious. I honestly feel I lost IQ points at times and now fear the rest of the list.

All in All, this film is a must avoid should you ever stumble upon it, it lacks any kind of charm that ‘a so bad it’s good’ film like the room or birdemic has and is just a struggle to sit through.

IMDB rating=2.2 My rating=1.3