For week 2 of our countdown of the IMDB top twenties we head to feudal Japan to review the 1954 classic seven samurai. Unlike last week where I was already a hugely biased Star Wars fan I had never seen this film before going in to review it. I have to admit my first impressions were sceptical. Being black and white masterpiece as it is known I was expecting to come away with the same feelings I had of Citizen Kane, impressed with the cinematography and all the other elements ahead of its time yet find it hard to enjoy as a film.

The films plot focuses on the tale of seven unemployed samurai that are hired by a village to protect them against barbarians that want to ransack the village. The first Part of film focuses on the preparation the lack of trust between the Samurai and the Villagers and a budding love interest for the youngest Samurai. Despite seeming rather slow as the film has a massive run time it is nonetheless enthralling to see the characters develop over time. Especially the Samurai who go from being head strong warrior to showing genuine compassion for the villagers that they are helping.

The second half of film is where it truly shines as it sees the Samurai and the Villagers fighting off the forty bandits. The actions scenes from the film truly are timeless and even sixty years later and still hold up well by today’s standards. The film really sparks here as it does a great job of showing the desperation of the villagers of fighting off overwhelming forces. The film ends on a very melancholic tone which I can’t spoil any further yet this is a film I truly recommend.

IMDB rating=8.7 My rating=9.0

And for our bottom 20 we come to Adam Sandler’s first ever film starring role in a film Going Overboard. Although this may ruin any of my credibility I have to say I have enjoyed a few Adam Sandler films. While it is hardly highbrow entertainment Happy Gilmore made me laugh a number of times. I was instantly dreading the film when I found out that Adam Sandler doesn’t even include it on his official bibliography, this is from the guy that made some full on atrocities like such as Jack and Jill. Going Overboard however truly bests them in terms of how bad it is.

The plot follows Adam Sandler’s character Shecky Moskowitz as a failing comedian on a cruise ship before terrorist attack the ship, that is about all you need to know. The comedy in the film fails to ever hit the mark at time at times seeming very juvenile especially for an R rated movie. This really is one to avoid at all costs, it takes a lot for a comedy film to not make me laugh at all this achieved it.

IMDB rating=1.9  My rating=1.9