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DOOM review – One immortal’s mission to, literally, kill every demon ever

Christmas was right around the corner, meaning shops were then awash with cheap gaming deals, all hoping to take your hard earned cash. Even digital shops have joined in the fun over the past decade, making sure that no gamer... Continue Reading →


Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP review – More indie than indie is indie

Indie titles have endless, boundless freedom when it comes to creating a video game concept. It could be about unicorns that fly through space, destroying evil, and saving worlds, or about a cat walking through a city centre. While triple... Continue Reading →

Turntable Tuesday Record of the Week: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

It's 1975; Mullets are cool, disco is a thing (unfortunately), and Pink Floyd are at the summit of the Rock and Roll mountain in the wake of 1973's Dark Side of the Moon. Applying their trademark experimentation, philosophical lyrics and... Continue Reading →

Resin review – A cold, dead world with a warm heart

Video games like giving power to their players, either as a reward for completing a particularly difficult segment of the game, or because they’ve slogged through enough levels, and experience to warrant something in return. Not many titles seek to... Continue Reading →

Scores on the doors – What the numbers means

Sorry to speak directly (rather out of character for the review section), but this is an issue that really needs to be cleared up. Video game journalism everywhere has different views on what a 9/10 is, or what a 14/100... Continue Reading →

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review – A masterclass in neon-clad ultra violence

For all the outcry about gratuitous violence in video games, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number revels in its crimson-soaked glories without an apologetic gesture in sight. For those unaware, or those who haven’t played the first installment that kicked off... Continue Reading →

Steal-of-the-week: Delver

Dungeon crawling is arduous business, and isn’t always fun. Players die, loot is lost, and waypoints are given back to the cavernous caves from whence they came. Delver is a first-person, roguelike dungeon crawler that prides itself on its art... Continue Reading →

Lifeline review – Less life saving and more death by boredeom

Most video game developers play it safe when it comes to creating new concepts, or trying think outside of the box. Not that this is an inherently bad thing, but it does create a saturation of titles that are oh-so... Continue Reading →

Montaro review – Dogs, underwear & bad choices

Typing ‘doge’ into any internet search engine will likely net millions of results, mostly comprised of shibas. Shibas are a Japanese breed of dog with distinctly curly tails and golden fur. For some reason the internet loves them. This love... Continue Reading →

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